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Téma: Airsoft shooting range Prague? rss

Zaslal/a 16.9.2018 11:28

I'd like to test and adjust my airsoft guns before taking them to the field to play.
I live in an apartment in Prague so I can't test fire them there. I am wondering if there is a shooting range in Prague where I can go and test fire my guns? Or if there is any other place to test fire airsoft guns?

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In Czech republic, we dont have any shooting range for airsoft, only some airsoft field and classic shooting range. So its most simply way is going to some forest on outskirts of Prague, somewhere, where are not people, or visit some airsoft field, like this https://www.facebook.com/Airsoft-Praha-sro-80794804938/
Hi Alfred, thanks for your answers sad to hear that there are no shooting ranges but I'll try to find a suitable nearly forest or Airsoft girls. Thanks your tips!
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I dont know, from which country you are, but here in Czech is playing of airsoft little different than in western Europe. We dont need shooting range for airsoft and we have only few airsoft field. For bigger event we siply rent some area and playing.
But if you need more help, write to me on akce@airsoft.cz :-)





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